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Squirrels Really Are Quite Mean

Have you ever encountered a squirrel and thought "my, what a positive experience that turned out to be for both the squirrel and myself"? If you have, let me know, because until I hear anything otherwise I shall remain confident that squirrels are the littlest bullies in the animal kingdom.

I've seen a squirrel yank a sandwich out of a guy's hand. YANK. A. SANDWICH. I walk my dog multiple times a day, and our path is lined with little puffy-chested demons, arms wide and challenging as they have the advantage of speed and distance, then literally high-tailing it the second my dog catches wind of what's going on. It usually takes him a while; his snout is pretty low to the ground.

Anyway, may you have the tenacity of a squirrel on your most challenging days.

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