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Change Is Inevitable (Except For When It Isn't)

Hello, reader! Isn't it fascinating that the written word has a way of bringing us together, even though we're not in the same room, state, country, etc.? Hell, we're not even in the same TIME right now, as I had to have written this in the past for you to be reading it now in the present. But for me, the present is happening as I write this blurb; at least, it was.

That moment is over! I am now in the throes of a new present tense, wondering if it will ever stop (and knowing full well that yes, one day all of this will be in the past).

Anyway, I drew my latest AAM installation as usual, but I also cranked out this mostly-nonsensical four-panel comic starring a dog who looks suspiciously like mine.

Expect more of these! But don't expect them soon; I get all sweaty when I think I owe people things.


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