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Awwwww, Shit!

You know what's funny about depression? Sometimes a thing you love doing can turn into something new entirely; something heavy, something you hate because it reminds you of your inevitable failures. Is that funny to you? I think it's funny. You know, right up until I don't.

TL,DR: I'm baaaaack! Let's hug. (>^^)> <(^^<) Cool, thanks. I really needed that.

Speaking of heavy, have you seen all these cops shooting black people? Pretty wild, right?

The title of this blog "Awwwww, Shit!" reminds me that shit was the first swear word I said to my mom. I was seventeen, and we had just arrived at some roadside motel en route to Las Vegas for a little "bonding". I had just removed a TV dinner from the microwave, and whilst gauging the icy core of the unheated meal on my palm as I clutched it in one hand, I warned my mom to cook hers longer than the directions state because the microwave was "really shitty." My cheeks suddenly grew hot and I watched her from below my downcast eyelids, like a meek wolf who wished to communicate an entire lack of dominance in its being.

My mom paused, echoed "shitty" quietly, as if she were contemplating the meaning of the word. Then she chuckled and bounced into a laying position, testing her mattress in our temporary abode.

TL,DR again: I swore in front of my mom one time.

I'm going to make a bunch of changes to the website and upload a bunch of random shit. Single panel comics, multi-panel comics, just way too much stuff about the president, and who knows what else. The president has infiltrated my mind and pencil like a goddamn drawing alien. If I had to think of a word to describe the whole scenario, I'd say it's... well...'s shitty.

Thank you for checking in. I love you.

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